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Open Heart CABG Procedure Pack
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Open Heart CABG Procedure Pack

Kimal offer an extensive selection of products for Cardic procedures, manufactured to the highest standard and customised to your requirements.

Kimal specialise in creating bespoke procedure pack solutions and our team of dedicated clinical specialists and customer focused sales teams will work with your department to deliver a solution tailored to your individual needs.

The components and packs listed represent universal Open Heart CABG Procedure Pack options

1 Paper or SMS wrap

1 Back table cover to wrap

2 Back table cover book folded

1 Mayo stand cover

1 Instrument diathermy pouch

2 Kidney bowl 700ml

1 Blade 20

1 Blade 21

2 Blade 23

1 Bowl 500ml

1 Bowl 1000ml

2 Bowl 250ml

1 Jug 1000ml

1 Cautery diathermy pencil

1 Cautery diathermy quiver

1 Cautery diathermy tip cleaner

1 Cautery diathermy blade

3 Dressings adhesive

2 Bandage crepe 15cm

2 Bandage crepe 10cm

5 Vessel loops various colours

10 Suture boots

2 Light handle cover

1 Incise or ioban

1 Drape cardiovascular

1 Drape double split

1 Drape foot covers pair

1 Drape head / large with

adhesive edge

2 Drape medium plain

4 Drape small plain utility

1 Dressings adhesive

1 Skin marker

2 Suction Yankauer

1 Handle suction frazier

1 Suction tubing

1 Needle counter box or pad

2 Swab gauze small X-ray tied 5’s

2 Swab gauze large X-ray tied 5’s

1 Skin staples 35 wide

2 Hand towel

2 Steri strips wide

2 Op tape

1 Dressing pad

2 Huck towels blue