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Model No : APOP 161

Type : Medical Oxygen Products

Specification : 

Wherever oxygen is required, even for temporary requirements – DESCO OXYGEN FLOW SPLITTERS provides effective, efficient and quick on-site assistance. 

Our new and uniquely engineered flow splitters are for economical administering medical grade oxygen to those in need from a single oxygen source or oxygen concentrator. 


Enable clinics & hospitals around the world to manage and redirect the flow from a single oxygen source to a simple flow splitter to serve up to four individuals per Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters. Each flow meter is adjusted separately to ensure precise control with a visual indication of flow for safety and comfort.Combined flows at the Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters cannot exceed the maximum output capability from the oxygen source used as to supply.


Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters can be used on a table or wall-mounted, depending on the environment and wherever space is available. Pediatric and adult cannulas with up to all the standard oxygen outlets on the flow splitter ,  longer lengths of tubing can be accommodated when Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters is being supplied by oxygen concentrator.

Place the Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters at proper level so that one can easily adjust Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters flow meter accurately; back lines on the flow meter ensure a proper viewing angle. This is the same type of hose used to connect the Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters (from the opposite side) to the oxygen outlet on the oxygen concentrator.

Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters can even serve the low flow oxygen needs of pediatrics in a critical care nursery in underdeveloped countries around the world. 

Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters is configured with 4 low flow meter, which display in 1/8 to 2 LPM increments and can be used within a wide range of settings from 1/8 LPM to 2 LPM.

Desco Oxygen Flow Splitters provides oxygen for up to four patients per flow meter station from a single oxygen source.

• For pediatric to adult use in hospital, clinics, emergency shelters, and incident facilities.

• Can easily connect multiple flow stations together, resulting in the lowest oxygen cost per patient.

• Use ideally  up to – 50 psig (345 kPa) O2 source. 

Flow meters: Low flow meters can be used form 1/8 to 2 LPM with 1/8 LPM increments with back lines for proper viewing angle.

Flow meter Accuracy: +- 5% of scale 

Input Pressure: 7-50 psig (48-345 kPa)

Model No :-                 

APOP 161               Two Way

APOP 162              Four Way