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Oxygen Filling System
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Oxygen Filling System

Description: The oxygen filling system consists of a high pressure oil-free compressor and a PSA oxygen concentrator. Through the compressor, the oxygen generated by the concentrator will be filled into different size of oxygen cylinders. By using this oxygen filling equipment, you can generate and store oxygen whenever and wherever you like.


This oxygen filling system can used for medical, homecare, industrial and other applications where delivery of oxygen cylinders is not convenient. It is especially suitable for EMS oxygen supply for life rescue in disaster areas as well as health care in underground or plateau areas with low oxygen concentration.


1. Absolutely dry, clean and oil-free.

2. High compression ratio. The service pressure is up to 138bar (2000psi/13.8Mpa)

3. Efficient filling. It takes about 6 hours to fill a M265 10-liter oxygen cylinder using our oxygen filling system.

4. Small size and light weight. Easy and safe to operate.

5. Simple, reliable and easy maintenance.

6. High flexibility. This oxygen filling equiment can be used separately or expanded into a larger system through parallel connection to meet the demand for large amount of oxygen consumption.

7. Energy-saving. Our oxygen filling device has low power consumption.

8. Cost-effective.