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Orthopaedic Fiberglass Splint,First aid equipments,Nanjing Shuangwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
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Orthopaedic Fiberglass Splint

Name: Orthopaedic Fiberglass Splint Number: 7 Description Specifications Characteristics: 1. SW-Splint substitute of traditional plaster bandage/P.O.P bandage. 2. It is mainly used for the external fixation of fracture or sprain to make the bone heal in orthopedics, plastic surgery and general surgery. 3. Have been obtained the certificates of ISO9001, ISO13485, CE. 4. Be made of several layers' fiberglass fabric daubed polyurethane adhesive and inside and outside interlining fabric by special craft. It is very light and convenient. The inside interlining fabric is air-permeability and bacteriostasis, and outside interlining fabric suck water well to make the splint water-activated thoroughly and solidified in short time utterly. 5. It can be water-activated to use just with home temperature. 6. It can be removed with common scissors. 7. Achieve the perfect unity of easy operation of doctor and lightness and portability of patient.