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Ortho Pantomo Graph (OPG)
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Ortho Pantomo Graph (OPG)

Product : Ortho Pantomo Graph (OPG) (Digital / Analog)

Models/Ratings : ALLDENT HF - 3.5 KW

Series : Smart PAN / Smart PANDR

Allengers Smart PAN is fully micro controller based OPG systems. It is controlled by a soft touch console and equipped with an alphanumeric digital display for a clear indication of the working parameters and operative messages. The operative cycle is entirely run by microprocessor, controlling its different modes from programming of the emission parameters according to chosen examination and patient’s size, to the voltage fluctuation and to the notification of possible anomalies, failures or errors.

Special features:

  • Scan selectable PAN projections.
  • APR for selection of exposure parameters for adult and child.
  • TMJ scans.
  • Frontal maxillary sinus scan
  • Center and canine laser centering device.
  • Cephelometery (optional).
  • Flat panel detector system (Smart PAN DR).
  • Flat cassette system (Smart PAN).
  • Interactive messages to guide the user.
  • Fully micro controller based OPG system
  • High Frequency technology

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