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Oroxil Mouthwash

- intense germ-kill for regular mouthwashes
- prevents and effectively reduces oral infections and inflammations
- no coloured teeth and tongue
- recommended for smokers
- non-burning (alcohol free)
- long lasting cleaning feeling

How it works
Oroxil provides a broad spectrum of anti-inflammatory and disinfection actions, both antibacterial and anti-mycotic. Oroxil is indicated for regular whole-mouth clean both for adults and children. Oroxil is specially recommended for:
- patients with poor immunity defences (oncologic patients)
- patients treated with X-rays and chemotherapies
- month infections and inflammations: aphthae, gingivitis, stomatitis, mucositis
Current mouthwash disinfectants on the market contain Chlorhexidine that can only provide antibacterial activity, it causes unsightly side effects visibly coloring teeth and tongue, and it is not indicated for children.
The essential ingredient of Oroxil is the nano-technology boosted Resveratrol. Resveratrol provides an effective anti-inflammatory activity through a cortisone-like mechanism, but without the side effects of the cortisone. Logidex, utilizing the nano-technology, has developed a specific molecule that boosts the Resveratrol and protects it by degradation. Oroxil also contains the essential oil of the wild Thyme herb. The oil from this rare herb provides an additional protection against infections.
Oroxil is alcohol and sugar free.

- Oroxil solution for mouth wash and rinse.

Use 10 ml, pure or diluted, two/three times a day, as required; shake bottle well before use. Rinse mouth for several seconds and spit out; do not swallow. May also be used as throat gargle.
Used pure (non -diluted) for mouth infections and inflammations: aphthae, gingivitis, stomatitis, mucositis.