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OCTAVIUS Detector 1500 Array
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OCTAVIUS Detector 1500 Array

Detector matrix with 1405 ionization chambers for quality control and dosimetry in radation therapy

The OCTAVIUS Detector 1500 is a new concept of an ion chamber matrix in a plane for IMRT verification and quality control in radiation therapy. Utilizing ion chambers avoids radiation defects, the major drawback of solidstate detectors. The vented plane-parallel ion chambers are 4.4 mm x 4.4 mm x 3 mm in size, and the center-tocenter spacing is 7.1 mm. In total there are located 1405 ion chambers in a chessboard matrix, providing a maximum field size of 27 cm x 27 cm. The square chamber design offers unique 50 % field coverage. The OCTAVIUS Detector 1500 can be used for the dose verification of IMRT beams by using the VeriSoft software, and it can be used for routine quality control of high-energy photon and electron beams by using the MultiCheck software. MLC leaf positioning can also be checked by the OCTAVIUS Detector 1500. The package includes an interface for fast data acquisition. The display cycle can be set between 100 ms and 800 ms. The OCTAVIUS Detector 1500 can be used together with the octogonal OCTAVIUS phantom or with the OCTAVIUS rotation unit for advanced 3D dosimetry.


  • Provides a matrix of 1405 detectors resulting in an effective measuring field of 27 cm x 27 cm
  • Diagonal detector spacing of 7.1 mm
  • Best available field coverage of 50 %
  • Avoids detector ageing effects by utilizing ion chambers