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Objective psychological analysis and testing system "Egoscop"
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Objective psychological analysis and testing system "Egoscop"

It uses the original, innovative technology, which includes autodocumentation of a testing process, hand motility analysis of a subject, additional synchronous recording of psychophysiological parameters (pictopolygraphy) and provides a new level of psychological and psychophysiological diagnostics.

  • The possibility of independent creation of scenarios for the psychological tests (projective techniques), psychophysiological and cognitive tests in different languages on the basis of tools (embedded software and scripts), allowing the use of text and graphics, audio and video files when creating scenarios.
  • Synchronous autodocumentation of processes of psychological and psycho-physiological testing and parameters of motor activity of the subject on the touch-screen tablet, which uses electromagnetic resonance technology and reflects psychomotor and physiological reactions during the test process.
  • The software builds additional profiles of psycho-emotional responses in relation to different semantic clusters of the performed scenario and evaluates individual emotional significance of various semantic categories.
  • The export of native physiological signals and calculated psychophysiological and psychomotor parameters into common formats (text format ASCII, Excel) for the possibility of their mathematical processing with external programs.
  • An extensive and expandable library of psychophysiological scenarios.