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New Arrivals 99.99% Purity Home PEM Hydrogen Generator for Single or Double Person Use

Do you know what is the benefit of hydrogen?

Has permeability and diffusivity.

It can selectively neutralize free radicals and has strong reducing ability of tiny hydrogen molecules, bringing new power to the human body, hydrogen is a very small, light-weight molecule in the universe that can quickly diffuse throughout the body in a short period of time, penetrate the cell membrane to reach the mitochondria.


One machine with multiple functions

It's not just hydrogen production

1. Hydrogen water face wash

2. Wash vegetables

3. Absorb hydrogen

4. Drink hydrogen water


Product Advanced

Six advantages to create a comfortable experience

1. Beautiful appearance. High-quality shell; touch large display.

2. Small size, easy to carry.

3. Humanized design: Quiet design; Voice broadcast; Can be timed for 10 hours; Intelligent recognition and detection.

4. Original imported: U.S. Dupont N117 Proton Membrane.Core components: electrolyzer composed of imported proton membrane, stainless steel and titanium alloy.

5. Support two modes for hydrogen absorption. hydrogen absorption/hydrogen-oxygen mixed; Double suction/single suction optional.

6. Multipe models are available.flow 300/600 ml/min optional.