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Multidiode™ OFT 4G
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Laser dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR): a new approach to lacrymal occlusion treatment

MULTIDIODE™ OFT 4G is a high power 980nm diode laser, specially designed by INTERmedic for minimally invasive lacrymal surgery also known as dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR). It is the first laser in the world with specifical CE and FDA certificate for this clinical application.
MULTIDIODE™ OFT 4G is well absorbed by haemoglobin and water achieving an excellent penetration into the tissue, vital factors in the lacrymal duct surgical procedures.


  • Dacryocystorhinostomy
  • Interstitial blepharoplasty 

Perfect control and precise treatments

MULTIDIODE™ OFT 4G system uses two types of highly flexible fibers (600 microns) that are introduced into the channel of a rigid endoscope operation. The laser fiber used includes a transilluminator, in order to maintain a perfect visual control of the treatment, as well as fast, accurate and extremely safe procedure for the patient. 

  • Continuous mode for faster procedures
  • Pulsed mode for osteotomy with minimal carbonization
  • Possibility to adapt an irrigation system

Many advantages for both doctor and patient

DCR procedure with Multidiode™ OFT 4G is performed with local anesthesia, avoiding skin scars and minimizing bleeding and pain during and after treatment. It also reduces treatment time to only 10 minutes. Patients recover faster, since no incision is made in the periorbital muscle and there is no bone fracture.

This minimally invasive method prevents any damage to the natural anatomy of the endonasal cavity and permits safe and effective restoration of the proper lacrimal ducts’ function.

Easy to use and customizable

Using the system is simple and intuitive thanks to the exclusive incorporation of a touch screen, which indicates the energy delivered, emission time and number of shots used in each procedure. At the same time, the device allows to access  the history of procedures and to easily customize the preferred parameters.

Also available in other configurations

INTERmedic also offers its dacryocystorhinostomy laser in another configuration. It is Multidiode™ OFT, a laser system with high performance for lacrymal surgery procedures.