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SternMed Marcom 1.5T MRI, Magnetic resonance imagingSternMed Marcom 0.5T MRI, Magnetic resonance imagingSternMed Marcom 0.35T MRI, Magnetic resonance imaging
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MRI scanner

MRI scanner 

  • Marcom 1.5T

superconductive MRI scanner 

Marcom 1.5T is a new generation superconducting MRI scanner with 1.5 Tesla field strength. It is made for whole body scans, such as, nervous system, spine, joint soft tissue, pelvic and abdominal cavity, etc.

  • Marcom 0.5T

permanent magnet MRI scanner

Marcom 0.5T is an open 0.5T permanent magnet MRI system equipped with powerful RF and gradient system. Combined with the advanced imaging technology, making it a high-end system, which is comparable to high-field MRI systems.

  • Marcom 0.35T

permanent magnet MRI scanner

Marcom 0.35T is an open 0.35T permanent magnet MRI scanner, which supplies fast and high-quality imaging and provides rich preset scan protocols as well as advanced applications.