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Molecular Allergy Diagnostics | Dr. Fooke Laboratorien
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Molecular Allergy Diagnostics

Molecular Allergy Diagnostics Recombinant or native allergens in Type I Allergy Diagnostics For the measurement of specific IgE in Type I Allergy Diagnostics allergen extracts that contain relevant major and minor allergens as well as non-allergenic components are used. These extracts are suitable for a first screening of patients and are now complemented by recombinant or highly purified native allergens. Molecular allergy diagnostics allows to detect the allergen sensitization of a patient on a molecular level. Therefor native, highly purified and recombinant allergens are used instead of whole allergen extracts. The quantitative measurement of specific IgE (sIgE) against allergen component-specific IgE describes the fraction of total IgE in serum which binds specifically to the correspondent allergen component. sIgE shows a sensitization to the correspondent allergen component. Whether this sensitization is clinically relevant has to be decided by the doctor on the basis of the anamnesis of the patient. Molecular allergy in-vitro diagnostic can help him making his decision