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microDiamond Detector
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microDiamond Detector

Synthetic Diamond Detector for High-Precision Dosimetry

Stable as a diamond, sensitive as a diode 

A matter of technology: As a synthetic diamond detector, which is reproducibly manufactured in a new, innovative production process, microDiamond combines the advantages
of natural diamond detectors and silicon diode detectors almost perfectly.

How it works
A Schottky diode develops below the top contact. The incident radiation generates positive and negative charge carriers. These are separated by the field of the diode, thereby producing a signal current that can be measured with an electrometer. No external bias voltage is required; the microDiamond detector can (and should) be operated at 0 V.


  • First commercially available synthetic single crystal diamond detector worldwide for radiation dosimetry applications
  • Very small sensitive volume (0.004 mm³) perfect choice for small field dosimetry for photon, electron, proton and carbon ion beams
  • Suitable for all field sizes up to 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Excellent radiation hardness, very low temperature, energy and directional dependence compared to commonly used silicon diode detectors
  • Near-tissue equivalence
  • No high voltage required. Suitable for all connecting systems.