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Microbiological safety cabinet KTB-VS
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Microbiological safety cabinet KTB-VS

Microbiological safety cabinet with vertical laminar flow, special model with absolute pre filter for high risk laboratories, protects the item of work, operater and environment from contamination. Operating is done using microprocessor controlled parameters from the control panel.

Operation principle:

Microbiological safety cabinet circulates 70% of contaminated air through one HEPA filter and exhausts remaining 30% through other HEPA filter.

Comparing to classic microbiological safety cabinet, KTB-VS has V HEPA pre filters which are built in under the workspace. All incoming and circulation air is purified through V HEPA pre filters. This implies that exit and work filters are exposed to contaminated air only during replacement of V HEPA pre filters. Change of V pre filters takes place under the normal work mode. Pre filter segments are to be removed in the work space, in protective zone and then closed up in PVC bags. In this way we assure complete protection when servising cabinets in which is dealed with high risk substances. Such design of cabinets are used in highly hazardous laboratories.

Additional equipment:

  • UV bactericide light
  • Electrical socket in the workspace 230 V
  • Differential pressure gauge for HEPA filter control
  • Connections for media (gas, air, vacuum, water)
  • Work hours counter
  • UV light work hours counter
  • Base stand (height: sitting 750 mm, standing 950 mm)