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Medigrip Elastic Adhesive Bandage B.P.

Product Description:

It consists of a woven fabric, elastic in warp, which has been spread evenly with an adhesive mass containing Zinc Oxide, which does not offset when the bandage is unrolled. The warp threads consist of two-fold cotton threads crepe twisted and welt threads are of cotton/viscose/both mixed. The warp threads are arranged two threads S twisted and two threads Z twist repeated. The fabric is clean & reasonably free from weaving defects & other impurities. It is one continuous length without joints and has fast edges.


Ideal bandage for support strapping fractures, muscles injuries, elbows, knees, shoulders specially requiring elasticity. It is also used for correctional purposes.


  • Good Adhesion: Zinc Oxide based adhesive mass provides good adhesion with minimum residue. High twist cotton provides strength for dynamic strapping.
  • Good Breathability: Porous construction & adhesive coating permits better skin breathing & allows moisture to pass through.
  • Good Elasticity: It has good extensibility and after stretching it, the regain length is appreciably less.


  • At present the company is normally producing as per BP. On request any length and width can be supplied for large quantities.
  • One metre long rolls are packed in printed unit carton & four metre long rolls are packed in closed PVC jars.