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Shredding & Steam Sterilization of Medical Waste

The solution for medical waste treatment developed by CISA meets the needs of the community through safety materials and environmental safeguards for infectious diseases that can be brought by infectious and dangerous waste. In particular, the old method of combating this risk through incineration, which is still used, often causes dangerous gas emissions, such as dioxin, that are harmful to people and the environment.

The use of wet thermal method for medical waste is growing and, combined with CISA’s sterilization and disinfection know-how, a more secure system for managing has been developed. In addition to the standard MWT series and the waste treatment systems, CISA has introduced a compact system appropriate for clinics, small hospitals, veterinary hospitals, laboratories, mortuary establishments and small health assistance facilities for waste treatment that can be carried out internally at the facility.



The material is carried in the treatment chamber, in cardboard boxes or specific bags for waste transportation and then treated within the MWT system; at the end of the process it is thrown away like an urban waste. The system is composed by shredder and sterilizer. The wastes are collocated in cardboard boxes or bags that are carried through a window directly inside the shredder’s hopper. After the loading operations, the shredding and sterilization cycle can start.

The treatment operations are:

  • The operator puts the material to be treated inside the loading window, placed above the system, directly inside the shredder’s hopper, opening the loading door. If the automatic function is activated, after the door closing the system starts the shredding phase automatically. The wastes are processed by automatic shredding cutting them in small pieces (in order to ease the steam penetration inside the machine) and let them fall in the sterilization chamber, thanks to the gravity force. After the chamber achieves the complete loading (the waste volume is measured by a sensor), the shredder stops its activity and the sterilizer starts the sterilization cycle of pathogenic waste.
  • The operator starts the specific cycle, chosen on the touch screen of the control panel, placed on the machine on the frontal side. The monitor displays many useful information with various messages useful for the operator.
  • The system starts the sterilization cycle automatically. The waste is treated with high pressure saturated steam, 134°C or 138°C cycles.
  • Both cycles are pre-set up on 3 – 3,5 bar (absolute pressure) and sterilization phase time of 5-10 minutes.
  • When the cycle is over, the bottom door opens automatically and the sterilized waste falls down and is gathered inside a trolley. As an optional, sterilized waste can be pushed inside plastic bags. The operator starts the suction system with a start button. The suction hose takes away the waste from the bottom of the machine and puts them automatically inside specific bags.
  • The operator takes the sterilized materials and can manage the treated waste like urban waste, according to the laws of the country.