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Markoton, gel, is an OTC medicine. 1 gram of gel contains heparin sodium 1000 IU and dexpanthenol 50 mg. Antithrombotic, anti varicose and healing effective treatment for superficial inflammatory and thrombotic disorders, varicose ulcer, post-traumatic lesions of joints and soft tissues. It is recommended in phlebitis prophylaxis; burns by re-epithelization action; inflammatory and thrombotic superficial disorders: varicose syndrome and related complications; varicose ulcer treatment; treatment of post-traumatic lesions of joints and soft tissues: strains, sprains, contusions, muscle stretches, meniscus diseases, tenosynovites, contractions, and hematomas. The benefits of healing, anti-inflammatory and hydrating propertis of dexpanthenol synergistically acts with anti-thrombotic, anti-inflammatory and healing properties of heparin. The skin absorption of heparin and of moisturizing water is facilitated thanks to the two absorption promoters (allantoin and dexpanthenol). Also, these absorption promoters have both intense hydration, healing and scarring properties.