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Malaria LAMP
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Molecular Diagnostic / Malaria-LAMP

Spotting Malaria Reliable

The LoopampTM workflow allows for the easy DNA extraction and preparation of reaction mixes in a few steps without any additional equipment. Reagent storage and shipment at room temperature and the excellent test performance make molecular pathogen testing available in rural areas with limited settings.

  • High specificity and sensitivity
  • Very short turnaround times
  • Simple processing
  • High degree of robustness

Easy result interpretation, either visually (HumaLoop) or by means of a turbidimeter (HumaTurb system)

HumaLoop M
Especially designed as consolidated platform for sample preparation, amplification and easy visual result reading, HumaLoop M facilitates the sensitive and reliable detection for a variety of LoopampTM tropic pathogens assays, e.g. LoopampTMMalaria Panor LoopampTM Malaria Pan/Pf.

  • For small to medium throughput: up to 16 tests/run or up to 70 samples/day
  • Preinstalled and fixed incubation times and temperatures for LoopampTM assays (except Loopamp MTBC)
  • Consolidated processing: sample preparation, amplification and detection on a single instrument
  • Explicit interpretation by visual reading of fluorescence signals 
  • Results in 1 - 2 hrs

HumaTurb C+A
HumaTurb system allows for the real-time detection of turbidity based upon magnesium-pyrophosphate which is generated during the amplification process. The entire system consists of two parts, first HumaTurb C, for the setup and control of incubation time and temperature necessary for amplification of the LoopampTM assay reaction. The amplification takes place in the second part of the system,  HumaTurb A.

  • For medium to high throughput: up to 96 tests/run (if expanded with 6 HumaTurb A units)
  • Different LoopampTM assays can be performed in one run
  • Flexible data transfer via USB and LIS connectivity
  • Results in 1 - 2 hrs 
  • Built-in printer