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LOQTEQ® Ankle Joint 3.5
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LOQTEQ® Ankle Joint 3.5

The set contains LOQTEQ® plates for the medial and anterolateral repair of the distal tibia and the lateral distal fibula. The number and placement of the plate holes and the alignment of the screws are designed for the treatment of a wide range of fracture types. The distal design takes into account the minimal soft tissue coverage and helps prevent potential irritation due to implant prominences.


Distal Medial Tibia Plate 3.5

  • Low profile and flush screw heads in the distal section
  • Numerous screw options for repair of complex fractures


Distal Anterolateral Tibia Plate 3.5

  • Distal screws aligned with the joint surface
  • Secures Volkmann’s triangle and Chaput fragments


Distal Fibula Plate 3.5

  • 1.8mm distal profile height
  • Three times the load stability of a 1/3 tubular plate
  • For articular fractures and osteoporotic bones