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Long Non-Coding RNA Sequencing-Yourgene Bioscience
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Long Non-Coding RNA Sequencing

Long Non-Coding RNA Sequencing 選擇其他單元: Long Non-Coding... The long chain non-coding RNAs (hereinafter referred to long non-coding RNAs, lncRNAs) are RNAs of which length is greater than 200nt and not involved in protein coding. They are widely distributed in vivo. lncRNAs are involved in various biological process, including epigenetic, the transcriptional and post-transcriptional regulation. They have an important role in life activity. Because most lncRNAs do not have polyA tail structure, conventional RNA-Seq method by using Oligo dT magnetic beads for polyA enrichment cannot obtain lncRNA information comprehensively. The long chain non-coding RNA sequencing (lncRNA-Seq) is a research method which uses a specific approach such as the Ribo-ZeroTM Series Kit, to firstly reduce rRNA in the sample, then constructs the library based on the enriched RNA, finally perform the bioinformatics analysis on the high-throughput sequencing data output. Therefore lncRNA information in specific biological processes (such as development, disease, etc.) can be fully and accurately obtained.