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Lipodefine 980 4G
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Extremely reliability for laser assisted liposuction and body remodelling

The market for body remodelling is expanding thanks to the introduction of new minimally invasive procedures for localized fat removal. Conventional surgical methods give way to less aggressive techniques, with lower postoperative and more comfortable for patients such as laser-assisted liposuction, being one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries currently.
INTERmedic has developed a laser system specially designed for this type of procedures: the LipoDefine™ 980 4G platform with IN-sensor ™ and Laser Body Defining™ technologies.


  • Laser assisted liposuction
  • Face and body localized fat
  • Post liposuction irregularities
  • Body remodeling
  • Skin tightening 

Superiority in the market

LipoDefine™ 980 4G is a laser system based on diode technology offering the best performances of the market:

  • Optimal wavelength: 980nm wavelength has optimum absorption by the adipose tissue and water.
  • Thanks to the hemostatic properties of this laser, the procedure is almost bloodless.
  • Long-lasting laser generator.
  • Complete control of delivered energy. Displays the amount of energy delivered on the sce, allowing a perfect control of the treatment.
  • IN-Sensor ™ technology. The handpiece is equipped with IN-sensor, which prevents laser emission when the cannula is not working. Perfect control and safety of treatments.
  • Atraumatic cannula. Incisions are very small.

Body contouring

LipoDefine™ 980 4G is indicated in a wide range of applications to redefine both face and body contour. 

  • Body and facial remodeling with minimally invasive technique
  • Laser assisted liposuction
  • Correction of asymmetries  

How does LipoDefine™ 980 4G work?

LipoDefine™ 980 4G procedure involves inserting a small cannula with a laser fiber through a small incision on the skin. This cannula is kept in constant motion allowing the fiber to deliver laser energy to adipose tissue. The 980nm diode laser acts by thermal effect, generating heat that damages the cell membrane of the adipocyte. Laser energy causes rupture of the adipocyte, liquefaction of the fatty tissue and coagulation of the collagen fiber. At the same time, the thermal effect coagulates small blood vessels, remodels collagen and promotes skin retraction (skin tightening).

What areas can be treated?

LipoDefine™ 980 4G allows to treat any small face or body area, even if they are difficult to reach. The most common treatment areas are: double chin, cheeks, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks, pubic region, knees and thighs.
Laser assisted liposuction with LipoDefine™ 980 4G generates a minimal swelling and bleeding, promoting a faster recovery of patients.

Available in other configurations: LipoDefine™ 980 and LipoDefine™ 1470

INTERmedic also offers solutions for laser assisted liposuction in other configurations: LipoDefine™ 980 (980nm laser system) and LipoDefine™ 1470 (1470nm laser system) .