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Laryngectomy Tube
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Laryngectomy Tube

Laryngectomy Tube(Tubo para laringectomia/Tubo de laringectomía)

Laryngectomy Tube is designed to maintain an airway of laryngectomy and also to maintain the opening of the tracheostoma. Several small fenestrations are preferred over a single large one in order to prevent locking and dislocation of the voice prosthesis. The standard version of Laryngectomy Tube is made for use without voice prosthesis.

Design Benefits:(Lary Tube)

  • Prevent tracheostoma stenosis
  • Supportive for the stoma and the trachea
  • Used to attach a Specking valve
  • Smooth rounded edge for extra comfort
  • Fenestrated prevents dislocation of a voice prosthesis
  • Comfortable flange, Lightweight
  • Non-adherent smooth surface
  • Available with tabs for attaching a neck strap

Laryngectomy Tube (Laryngology Products)

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