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Knitted knee support
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Knitted knee support

Description of the product:
High advanced product, made out of micro-fibre which provides variable level of compression. The unique 3D fabric is micro-breathable, providing exceptionally easy transport of humidity and ventilation. Anatomical low compression zone in patella area, including silicone stabilization ring. Spiral side splints, to ensure stability and movement of the knee.The contoured viscoelastic insert leaves the patella pressure-free.

•Articular support.
•Problems with ligaments or meniscus.
•Arthrosis, heamatoma.
•Patellar syndrome.
•Knee strains or sprains.
•Osgood Schlatter’s Disease.
•Instability of joints and ligaments.
•Swelling and edema of the knee.
•Knee instability.
•Instability of joints and ligaments.
•Degenerative joint disease