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Archem KG04 Dört Kanallı Koagülometre
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KG04 Coagulometer

Archem CA54 Dört Kanallı Koagülometre Archem KG04 Coagulometer TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Test parameters: * PT *aPTT * AT-3 *Protein-S * TT * Protein-C * Fibrinogen * LA * RepT * Hep * VT • Reagent Volume: Minimum reagent volume: 30-40 microliter.(Semimicro) • Sample Volume:Minimum sample volume: 25-40 microliter • Memory: 10.000 test result. • Automated Calculated / analzyed paramaters: S, %, PTR, INR, Fibrinojen-mg, *New clog detection technology without stirrer-ball • Measurement Technology: *Nephalometric light based on light dispersion *Automated zero point correction: Avoiding errors sourced from reagent or sample adding mistakes. • Reading filter:(WL):470 nm • Light source: Cold, photo-optic, long life lamp. • Detector: Unique dispersion light detector with high sensitivity and repeatability immunized effect on results of jaundice (icteria), hemolysis, chyle (lipemia) and turbidy on plasma • Test Channels: Each channel can be tested and observed from the screen separately, simultaneously. • Incubator: 28 incubators for reagents and samples. • Micropipette: Auto pipette configured and integrated for analyzer for reagent and sample pipeting synchronized with test starting. • Test items: Easy modify/add/delete test items with user friendly interface • Calibration: Single point calibration, multi point calibration, au