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K-Active Flossbands
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K-Active Flossbands

A powerful "rubber band" for therapy and training


Colorful band with a big impact: Flossing - for innovative physiotherapy
One sees them more and more often in therapy: Flossing ligaments. The trend is unrestrained and the positive effect is confirmed by more and more doctors, therapists and users. More mobility and less pain due to the "sponge effect" and the influence on receptors and structures "- these are statements of satisfied users. The strong compression with the flossing band when ligating joints and structures and the rapid unwinding causes a sudden flooding of the structures, which apparently optimally supports the regeneration process of the body.


According to athletes and patients:

Significantly increased joint mobility and better lightness in the joint directly after detachment of the Flossbands!


The raft bands of K-Active are made of 100% natural rubber and especially good for "Compression Therapy" suitable. 
They are available in different widths and strengths in order to optimally treat different body areas and body sizes. 
At the length of 2.40 m was consciously chosen to be able to treat large enough areas.


According to users, the following results were observed:

  • Moves liquids in the area of ​​the plant
  • Positive influence on receptors and structures
  • Dissolves tissue bonds
  • Improves joint mechanics
  • Promotes mobility
  • Allows training under circulation and thus
  • Oxygen reduction in the corresponding region
  • May promote muscle recovery after exercise
  • Can the re-entry into the training
  • accelerate after operations and injuries