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K-Active electrolyte cream
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K-Active electrolyte cream

The K-Active Electrolyte Creme differs from the K-Active First Aid Creme by a higher pH value of the basic substance and an optimized fat content for a noticeably intensive care experience. 
This medical device is for external use for the healing of skin injuries (eg, cutting, scratches, tears and wrinkles), 1st and 2nd degree burns (also sunburn) and for the treatment of scar tissue and blunt trauma (2nd healing phase ).


  • Promotes wound healing
  • Reduces the swelling
  • Reduces the pain
  • Prevents infections
  • Minimizes the occurrence of hematomas
  • Reduces scarring


Bruises and edema are accelerated, the swelling is reduced and pain is alleviated. The regeneration of tissue is assisted, which improves healing after surgery or injury (wounds, burns, sunburn) and reduces scarring.


Instructions for use:
K-Active Electrolyte Creme can also be used in conjunction with a standard bandage. By covering the injured skin, the wound is also protected from external influences that could interfere with healing. K-Active electrolyte cream is suitable for iontophoresis. It is applied under the anode.