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JY/CPR300 Infant CPR Training Manikin (Wireless)
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JY/CPR300 Infant CPR Training Manikin (Wireless)

  • Chest external compression with alarm warning
  • Simulate standard airway opening
  • Artificial mouth to mouth respiration (insufflations) with alarm warning
  • Operating period:  Ratio of compression and respiration is 30:2/singe person or 15:2/ two persons,   5 cycles of CPR operation need to be completed.
  • Operating frequency: the newest international standard: at least 100 times/min.
  • Operating mode: Training
  • Brachial artery reaction: manually squeeze the bulb to simulate the brachial artery pulse.
  • Working condition: adopts 220V external power source, or use 4 pcs 1# battery for field training.