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Intelligent Micro Pill Packaging Machines

Aguide® is specialized in the intelligent micro pill packaging machine and photoelectric sensor inductive pill box and its relevant accessories .With this device seniors, chronic care patients and sub-healthy population in residences, long-term care facilities or at home, pack the pills conveniently and take the correct medications on time.

Packaging Upon setting the pill administer time, the machine is able to print out the correct information(name, time, etc.)on the pill package bag.

The transparent package bags make sure that every pill is correctly packed and the user takes accurately.

Caregivers or patients can pack the several types of pill together in one package as for one dose.

Except the daily medications, the emergency pills will be added in the specialized cell where if a pill is removed, SMS will sent automatically to the pre-set caregivers.

Non-solids such as liquids, creams ,ointments and inhalers cannot packed.

Aguide® uses twice security measures to ensure the patient take the pill on time. When it is time to take medicine, the LED of the pill box will be flashing and buzzer will beep several times for your attention.