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IgG / IgG4 | Dr. Fooke Laboratorien
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IgG / IgG4

Specific IgG or IgG4 Enzyme Immuno Assay for the quantitative determination of specific IgG or specific IgG4 antibodies in human Serum or Plasma Background Allergen specific antibodies of the type Immunoglobulin G (IgG) are responsible for the intermediation of allergic reactions of the cytotoxic as well as the immune complex type and for this play an important role in the extended allergy diagnostic. Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulins (Ig), play an important role in the humoral immune response to extrinsic, infectious agents. Furthermore Ig and in particular Ig of the IgG type can be generated to normally harmless antigens, e.g. inhalation antigens or food antigens. A typical disease represents the exogenic allergic alveolities (EAA), which can be caused by occupational exposition of substances in the air. Involved are normally moldy- and bacterial components but also excrements, flours or chemical components which are inhaled as dusts or aerosols during work. Farmer´s lung is caused by Thermophile Actinomycetes in moldy hay. Farmer´s lung, Malt- and Paper worker´s lung as well as Pigeon Breeder´s disease are well known to represent such diseases. Also fish flour, saw dust, dust from furs and in addition chemical components can cause alveolitis. Through the generation of antigen specific IgG antibodies it can come to an allergic reaction of type 3 (immune complex type) in the alveolus. Initially an acute inflammation arises, which can get chronic and in the wor