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HS-3460SD  (Vacuum Drying)
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HS-3460SD (Vacuum Drying)

HS-3460SD  (Vacuum Drying)

1. Substantial Chamber capacity 
The chamber is wider than other small sterilizers, chamber loading is easy relatively, thus it is very effective to sterilize a bigger load and the operation of sterilizer is practical due to more amount of loads can be sterilized at once. 

2. Unique small steam generator 
This sterilizer is equipped with the new type external steam generator which can vaporize water instantly, and the saturated vapor is injected into the chamber as a sterilizing media, therefore the chamber is less contaminated than the internal steam generating type and the usable chamber space is widened because there is no heater assembly in the chamber. 

3. Variable Cycle Programs and Self-Diagnosis Program 
5 types of cycle program that is composed of optimum sterilization parameters are embedded in the controls of sterilizer, thus the operator can select a proper cycle conveniently for sterilizing. And the user can change the set values of the basic cycle programs at user's pleasure if necessary for applying to a special sterilization condition or material. Moreover the retort pouch and the blister package products are sterilized effectively using the exclusive cycle program of the optional type sterilizer. 
By the self-diagnosis function of control program, an error occurring during operating the sterilizer is detected in real time and its code is displayed on the LED panel digitally accompanying an audible alarm, and the cycle in progress is aborted automatically for securing the safety in the workplace. 

4. Cycle Execution Data Storing, Retrieving and Printing Function 
The cycle performance records executed at least for 11 years are stored in the control unit in order. The user can automatically search the results of sterilization cycle performed previously by input the date performed cycle or the cycle count number and prints out the result record by the external printer. (optional specification)

5. Printing of Cycle Performance Record
The exterior printer(optional item) can be equipped to print out the cycle performance record for securing the traceability afterwards.