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1. Heavy-Duty Structure and Convenient Functions
This large sterilizer uses the saturated vapor under high pressure as sterilizing agent supplied from the external steam generator to sterilize a large number of medical instruments or bulky packages at a time, and has the excellent vacuum performance, durability and low noise by powerful vacuum system which is comprised of the water ejector, water pump and heat exchanger. The control system, which is the brain of sterilizer, shall be managed quickly to prevent trouble for medical affairs in case of occurring failure, therefore it is designed to be a compact component type that is capable of separating and assembling, and operator can separate the failed from the sterilizer and change it with a prepared normal one easily. The cycle processing of standard type sterilizer is fully automated by the control system (CTL-1000) and able to monitor it on the LCD, the door is manual or power driven type and operated by the function keys on the control panel, the door opening/closing mechanism is the radial lever type and it's chamber sealing function is excellent. If the power door is broken down or power failure, the door could be operated manually by using the hand-wheel without any tools or procedure. The optional type sterilizer adopted a wide touch screen color LCD is fully automated by the exclusive control system (CTL-1000TS2), and able to operate the sterilizer on the touch screen, to monitor the cycle processing in real time and to manage the sterilizer by one touching on it. The door is divided into 4 types such as manual or power driven type and double or single door type, it could be operated and controlled on the touch screen LCD conveniently.

2. Variable Cycle Programs and Self-Diagnosis Program
The standard type has 5 kinds of basic cycle program, 2 kinds of test program and self-diagnosis program, futhermore the parameters of basic cycle can be changed by operators at their pleasure according to the kind of loads to be sterilized and type of package, so sterilization could be executed smoothly in any condition. The optional type has 9 kinds of basic cycle program, 3 kinds of test program and self-diagnosis program, moreover it is realized that operators can sterilize the variable loads at the optimum condition in any circumstances by setting about 90 kinds of program at operator's please.

3. Safety
The cycle does not start unless the door has been locked. In case the double door type, the doors are not opened at the both sides of front and rear simultaneously, operator could open either door on the condition of locking the other door. The door locking system is designed to seal the chamber simply by the radial levers. To open the door safely under chamber pressure, turn the door handle counter clockwise, then the radial levers are released and the vapor is leaked through the gap between chamber edge and door. Strong opening/closing mechanism and heat-blocking door plate cover would protect the operator from a possible accident during sterilizing. In case the chamber pressure exceeds in the set value, the safety valve exhausts the vapor from the chamber and then decreases the chamber pressure.

4. Built-in Printer
The built-in panel printer prints out the cycle performance record for securing the traceability afterwards.