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Hospital pneumatic tube system -  Sumetzberger: Hospital system
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Hospital pneumatic tube system

Hospital pneumatic tube system Hospitals are highly complex systems with a large number of critical tasks to be mastered, whereby no time may be wasted for after all, people’s health is at stake. The hospital pneumatic tube system is the transportation medium that combines speed with reliability. This is a problem-free way of transporting laboratory and blood samples, tissue samples, medicines, prescriptions and results, and much more. Markedly convenient and sometimes even life-saving: whether in the OR, in the blood bank or at the nurse’s station – application-specific, innovative solutions are possibly in every area. Benefits No running errands and more time for patient care Increased productivity and no waiting patients or doctors, bottle necks in laboratories, and unmanned departments Safe and secure transport of delicate and sensitive loads like blood, lab samples or pharmaceuticals Reduced costs with optimized workflow efficiency and a surprisingly short amortization period