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High-pressure Lavage Pump and Washing Pipeline-High-pressure Lavage System-SUZHOU AND SCIENCE&TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT CO.,LTD
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High-pressure Lavage Pump and Washing Pipeline

Disposable flushing tubes co-operated with pulse lavage pump, are applied for wound debridement. Product Features 1-Unique pulse-washing theory Its washing theory is that depending on the concussion of the pulse, bacteria or other objects will be off the tissue, which can achieve the purpose of thoroughly cleaning the wound. The largest pulse of the product is up to 220times/min and it can clear more than 90% of micro-organism, dirt, necrotic tissue of the wounds. 2-Foreign statistics show that ideal pressure for wound washing is 2 to 8 PSI. This product can control the pressure between 1 to 2 PS I(low pressure) and 5 to 8 PSI (high pressure). 3-The water flow of the product can be controlled in 120 to 1200 ml/min based on the different needs of wound washing, which can achieve efficient and effective washing and shorten operation time. 4-The all-in-one nozzle can quickly suck up to prevent the spread of pollutants. 5-The nozzle is equipped with splash shield to effectively prevent fluid spatter and protect medical staff. 6-Easy operation fits for all parts. The washing tubes are easy to be installed, which provides convenience during operation. Its nozzle and handle can be deepen into narrow part, fully realize thorough flushing. 7-Multi-functional pump with standard universal connector can be attached to arthroscopy and laparoscopic surgery for debridement. It can also be singly used.