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Harpagophytum rich in harpagosides
Treatment of osteoarthritis and joint diseases
Cartilage regeneration
(stimulation of glycosaminoglycans
and hyaluronic acid)
Anti-inflammatory effect (COX -2 inhibitor)

People who suffer from joints, people over 50, athletes, strength workers

Osteoarthritis, also known as degenerative chronic arthropathy,
is a very common multifactorial disease affecting up to 85% of the
population over 70 years of age and 20% of the general population.
The high prevalence of osteoarthritis establishes it as the most
important rheumatic disease, both in terms of pain and in terms of
economic impact.
A meeting of the WHO and the American Academy of Orthopedic
Surgeons (1994) proposed a definition of the disease:
«Osteoarthritis is the result of mechanical and biological phenomena
that destabilize the balance between synthesis and cartilage
This imbalance can be initiated by multiple factors: genetic,
developmental, metabolic and traumatic.
Osteoarthritis affects all tissues in the joint and manifests as
morphological, biochemical, molecular and biomechanical changes
in cartilage cells and matrix leading to softening, cracking, ulceration
and loss of joint cartilage, multiple sclerosis of subchondral bone with
production of osteophytes and chondral cysts. 

The most common joint disease and the main source of locomotor
disability results in symptoms that differ in their clinical effects,
depending on the affected joint. According to the WHO: «When
it becomes symptomatic, osteoarthritis causes articular pain and
stiffness, a possible articular effusion with varying degrees of local
The primary pathogenic process of this degenerative joint disease
is degeneration of the articular cartilage with deformation and
alteration. As the disease progresses, there are gradual biochemical
and enzymatic changes, increased pain (inflammation), and stiffness
leading to limitation of movement and deformity of the joints.
There is no specific drug treatment for osteoarthritis and, therefore,
management is symptomatic.
Symptoms in summary
- Pain and inflammation
- Joint stiffness
- Joint deformity

The therapy is based on the management of pain and inflammation.
Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) are the main tools
used but have many undesirable effects: digestive disorders (nausea,
vomiting, diarrhea, ...), allergies (rash, asthma ...), various disorders
affecting the liver, the kidneys, the central nervous system (vertigo,
migraines ...) or the bones.


Concentrate of secondary roots rich in harpagosides
In the traditional Harpagophytum food
supplements available
on the market, the
beneficial properties of
Harpagophytum, also
known as Devil’s Claw,
are limited by the low
concentration of active
The new Harpagophytum extract present in HarpagoForte is a highly
dosed extract containing more than 20% Harpagosides (HPLC) (40%
by UV method).
The active components of the Harpagophytum plant are mainly
found in the root, which is composed of a principal axis which sinks
vertically into the soil, and which ramifies into secondary roots.
HarpagoForte uses only the secondary roots which are the parts with
the highest doses of harpagosides. The primary root contains the
same constituents, but at lower levels than the secondary roots.
The Devils Claw used for the HarpagoForte production is cultivated
and harvested by indigenous inhabitants of Southern Africa (Kalahari
savanna, hardwood forests in Namibia, Angola and Zimbabwe, but
also Madagascar).

The active substances responsible for the anti-inflammatory and / or
anti-pain activity of Harpagophytum are the iridoids which constitute
0.1 to 3% of the dry weight of the plant. There are mainly 4 types of
- Harpagoside
- Harpagogenines
- Harpagide
- Procumbide
HarpagoForte is a new highly concentrated extract with excellent antiinflammatory,
analgesic and anti-arthritic activities that guarantee:
- rapid relief of pain,
- suppression of inflammation,
- long-term protection against inflammatory mediators.
Extract of secondary roots of Devil’s Claw, highly dosed in harpagoside


✓ Inhibition of Cyclooxygenase 2 (31%)
The main mediating agent of inflammation, and therefore responsible
for joint inflammation, is cyclooxygenase 2 (COX-2). This is responsible
for the synthesis of pro-inflammatory prostaglandins.
One study tested the effect of Harpagophytum extract on human
cells (in vitro). Harpagophytum extract inhibits COX-2 activity by up to
31% (Fig. 1), effectively reducing joint inflammation and consequently
pain without the intervention of any other drug and the side effects
that can be attributed to them!

In addition to the anti-inflammatory and lubricating effects of
glucosamine and chondroitin, the extract of Harpagophytum
(HarpagoForte) also acts on chondrocytes and COX-2.
Other in-depth studies have shown that Harpagophytum exerts
several anti-inflammatory effects by interacting and inhibiting
several metabolic pathways, such as the following pro-inflammatory
- arachidonic acid, [8]
- eicosanoids, [9]
- cyclooxygenase [2], [10], lipoxygenase, NO synthase
- TNF-α (a major cytokine that is increased in inflammatory diseases
such as rheumatoid arthritis) [8],[14],[15],[16],[17]
- Action on the enzymes responsible for collagen degradation.
Clinical study on Harpagophytum: confirmed
anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects
In humans, several randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled or
NSAID studies confirmed the efficacy of Harpagophytum in patients
with low back pain and osteoarthritis (demonstrated activity in
improving pain, Reduction of pain in case of arthritis, improvement
of the Arhus index) .
Taking the devil’s claw orally, alone or in conjunction with
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, appears to help reduce
pain associated with osteoarthritis.
Several randomized, double-blind studies comparing Harpagophytum
and NSAIDs (Diacerhein® rofecoxib® Vioxx®) reported no significant differences in efficacy evaluation
between NSAIDs and Harpagophytum in relation to arthritis-related
In other words, the effect of Harpagophytum is as effective as
the effect of NSAIDs, but without the side effects attributed
to them.
All double-blind clinical studies with Harpagophytum
and other treatments indicated that patients taking
Harpagophytum extracts used significantly less NSAIDs21.
Quality and Health
Completely natural and without side effects, HARPAGOFORTE relieves
people who suffer from joints by reducing pain and inflammation
Usage tips
1 capsule daily with water.
Deprecated in case of ulcers (stomach or duodenum) or kidney
Harpagophytum (20.8%) (Devil’s Claw) (40% harpagosides)
(Harpagophytum procumbens). Excipients: microcrystalline cellulose
(filler), hypromellose (vegetal capsule), anti-caking agents: silicon
dioxide, magnesium salts of vegetable fatty acids; Dye: yellow iron