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Halo Overhead Tube Support - Heavy-duty manually operated ceiling-mount tube stand

The Halo Overhead Tube Support is a heavy-duty, manually operated, fully counterbalanced ceiling mounted unit that provides great fl exibility in order to faciliate a wide variety of x-ray procedures.

The Halo Overhead Tube Support can be easily positioned at any one of it selected points within it’s range of travel. Along with it’s excellent software that allows for fast and easy access to calibration and configuration, the Halo OTS is the optimal choice when in need of a ceiling mounted unit.

Convenient Control


A single-handle control allows for fast and out-of-the-way positioning while the cableing is clean and carefully laid out.

Locking System

Electromagnetic locking system provides safe and reliable positioning.


The ergonomic operator control panel provides convenient selections to allow the tube to be moved in the longitudinal, transversal, vertical and rotational directions while also allowing for table/wallstand centering. The LCD display indicates the SID to tabletop/wallstand in inches or centimeters (calibrated upon installation) and angulation of the x-ray tube in degrees. The software allows for fast and easy access to calibration and configuration.