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Gamma-Services Medical - Irradiation Technology - GSR D1, Medical Isotope Technology in Leipzig, Germany - Products
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The GSR D1 gamma irradiator

The GSR D1 gamma irradiator is the optimal solution for gamma irradiation in radiobiological research. The combination of the large (64 l) irradiation capacity with a low surface dose rate delivers efficiency and safety in the laboratory. Irradiation chamber The 400x400x400mm dimensions of the GSR D1’s irradiation chamber combined with three easily adjustable irradiation levels enable optimum positioning of the object to be irradiated. Cable/air input access points are built into the irradiation chamber. Dose Rate The activity of the Cs-137 sources and thereby the dose rate can be optimised in accordance with the user’s requirements. A dose difference of <10% is achievable at irradiation level 2.