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GPS Therapeutic Pathways represents a unique opportunity to relieve the strain on modern, advanced practices. This latest treatment concept encompasses Chinesport’s top-of-the-line therapeutic devices in a simple, one-stop, affordable package. Clinicians can now combine three different therapeutic modalities in a single intervention.

TCare capacitive and resistive energy transfer (CRET) is used to modulate pain and promote cellular regeneration. At the same time, Mi.TO/Sinthesi therapy provides the possibility to initiate myofascial release and soft tissue lengthening. Archimede pulley and suspension exercise therapy delivers precise mechanotransduction impulses through specific therapeutic exercises to initiate tissue repair processes. Integrative posture exercises close the therapeutic cycle by integrating newly restored posture into everyday movement patterns. A followup GPS Postural Labs assessment can confirm whether progress has been made.

The ability to combine all GPS Therapeutic Pathways at once, saves valuable time,resources and energy for both patient and clinician.

A GPS Postural Lab assessment of your patient’s static and dynamic posture is the first and last step of any GPS Therapeutic Pathways intervention. It tells you where you are and where you can go.

The GPS Postural Labs range is the result of our dedication to healthy posture for healthy movement. We offer five modular workstations from entry to expert level. This allows you to select a GPS Postural Lab that exactly suits your practical and clinical needs, while remaining affordable.