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General First-aid Kit

The GCL0603-CZ3 General First-aid Kit is made up of materials

totally green as well as water-proof and nontoxic. It is portable

and light for domiciliary treatment, easy for cleaning and has

characters of water-proof, dusk-proof, that can be used in

places of clinics, hospitals, ambulances and community

service stations.

Self-preparation recommended:

Physiological brine, hydrogen dioxide liquid, asepsis dressing

of many kinds of specification, disposable transfusion equip-

ment, injector, ice bag, medicine asepsis Q-tips,disposable

catheter, triangular cloth first-aid bag, acupuncture acicula.

Standard Configuration:


1Manual ResuscitaotrPVC for Adult1set

2Manual Suction/1set

3Mouth-to-mouth breathing mask/1

4Equipment for opening Mouth/1

5Lamina for Pressing Linguadisposable1

6Tongue Forceps/1


8Medicinal Scissor12.5cm1

9Medicinal Forceps12.5cm1




13Alcohol Cotton/10

14Iodine Cotton Swabs5pcs/pac4

15Adhesive Plaster1.25*200cm2

16Gauze Bandage10*500cm4


18Compressed Gauze50*80CM2

19Medicinal Gauze Pieces7.5*7.5cm10

20Medicinal Gloves/1

21Emergency Blanket132*210cm1


23Rolling plywood92*11cm2

24Medicinal Bottle OpenterSize L&S2


26Inside Accessories List/1