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FORA® 6 Connect Multi-Functional Monitoring System

Multi-parameter measurements and ultra brilliant LCD backlit. Test results are easy to read.

Auto-sync your results to the iFORA HM APP.

Do More with Less.

ForaCare is the first handheld 6-parameter meter in the world that enables the measurements of 6 parameters for faster and more comprehensive testing. For blood glucose measurement, the FORA® 6 series simply requires a very small sample size (0.5 μL of blood) and a 5-second reaction time. The reliable test results can help users manage their own or their patients’ health conditions and make timely lifestyle changes to avoid hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

FORA 6 Connect, designed for advanced diabetes management, not only measures blood glucose (BG), but also provides you with the other 5 parameters: hematocrit concentration (HCT), hemoglobin (HB), β-Ketone (KB), Uric Acid (UA) and Total Cholesterol (TCH). It is simple, accurate and reliable.

Key features:

  • Advanced GDH-FAD Technology  It eliminates interference from oxygen variation and non-glucose sugar such as maltose and galactose.
  • 3 Meal Tags  General (Gen) / Pre-meal (AC) / Post-meal (PC). Gain a better understanding of how your body reacts before and after a meal so as to further adjust your diabetes management plans to achieve your goals.​
  • ASSI Technology  Advanced Superior Sip-In Technology improves overall test experience. Precision through easy and fast blood absorption at any angle.
  • 1,000 Memory Sets  Up to 1,000 results help you to keep good records and stay on track.
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connectivity  FORA® 6 Connect comes with Bluetooth. Data is easily analyzed with one single app — the new iFORA HM.


For more information, visit our website ForaCare Suisse