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FERNO2 O2 E-Class FlowmeterFERNO2 O2 E-Class FlowmeterFERNO2 O2 E-Class Flowmeter
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O2 E-Class Flowmeter

Spiracle Technology is pleased to off er its new O2 Class Flowmeter. This traditional precision thorpe tube style fl owmeter is a perfect economical addition to any medical service where metered oxygen is needed.

The O2 Class Flowmeter’s unique cylinder shaped polycarbonate tube and nickel plated brass base gives the O2 Class Flowmeter a refi ned professional look. The white background and large font aid in making a quick and accurate fl ow setting by the operator.  The O2 Class Flowmeter is designed with a stainless steel ball fl oat and specialized fl ow selection knob.  The stylish contoured knob allows for quick fl ow selections when wearing medical gloves, while the Agion® material that the knob is made from helps to keep the surface free of bacteria, mold, and fungus.  Agion® provides engineered antimicrobials composed of naturally occurring silver ions and zeolite that inhibits the growth of odor causing microbacteria.

Maintenance costs are minimized with a readjustable needle valve assembly.  Easy-to-maintain and clean with cold chemical solutions, the O2 Class Flowmeter will provide years of reliable service.  The O2  Class Flowmeter is built for accurate and dependable service and is a perfect addition to hospitals, EMS agencies, aero medical or home care services.