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EUPHOTON EN 600 NT - Photobiological autologous blood therapy (UVE, UVB, HOT) Device

Photobiological autologous blood therapy (UVE, UVB, HOT)

for UVE/UVB/HOT-Treatments

One device - three Treatments possible!

The photobiological Autohemotherapy is a biological medical treatment, treated extracorporeally with UV-C light of a specific wavelength in the venous blood and i.v. and / or i.m. is applied.

There are practiced three treatment options:


In 1956, the Swiss doctor Wehrli on the week of therapy in Karlsruhe therapy under the name "Hematogenous oxidation therapy" (HOT) ago. In this process the blood is foamed with oxygen, treated with UV light of a certain wavelength and i.v. reinfused.


Developed in 1969 the doctor Wiesner in Mecklenburg a device with a quartz glass cell, calling the procedure "Ultra-violet irradiation of blood" (UVB). The UVB is also an i.v. Application, which removes the need for the oxygen-foaming of the blood.


Over time, the practice, a small portion of the treated blood developed even further in the HOT and UVB i.m. to apply. It was created in 1995 a separate procedure called "UV light-activated Autohemotherapy" (EID) after it developed and manufactured a corresponding cell of Eumatron / Humares GmbH. The practice of the EIS is guided by the rules of classical Autohaemotherapy.