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Needle-less Water-jet Submucosal Injection

We’ve redefined the method for submucosal injection. A new needle-less, easier and less demanding method of generating force to drive fluid into the submucosa.

The new ERBELIFT System

Introducing the latest innovation in endoscopic resection technology, the ERBELIFT System Hand Pump, Flexible Probe and Control Syringe. ERBELIFT supplies you with easy-to-use, ergonomic devices that produce submucosal blebs. In fact, you’ll find that the results are as effective as those of traditional needle-injection systems, but without the complications of needles.

Endoscopy Innovation

ERBELIFT is redefining submucosal injection with a needle-less, easy-to-use, comfortable one-hand activation, user-friendly device that is less demanding which may result in a faster means of finding the submucosal plane. With these improved ergonomics, the potential benefits to you far outweigh the limitations of standard technologies.

Fewer Distractions yield better results

Simplicity and convenience were the guiding principles behind the design of the ERBELIFT System. ERBELIFT calls for minimal setup and intuitive operation under direct visualization. Other useful features help keep you focused and in control
throughout the procedure:

Hand Pump

  • Ergonomic design for decreased discomfort/fatigue
  • Accommodates all hand sizes and specifications
  • Quantified output with each trigger activation for easy monitoring of fluid volume in syringe
  • Non-slip materials for effective grip
  • Intuitive, ambidextrous hand placement

Flexible Probe

  • Connecting hub with winged luer lock for easy syringe connection
  • Small outer diameter tubing compatible with a large range of scope channel sizes
  • Smooth but sturdy tubing for easy removal/insertion – even in retroflex maneuvers
  • No needle to cause damage to scope channel
  • No need to mechanically find the submucosal plane with a needle

Control Syringe

  • Withstands high pressure
  • Three finger rings
  • Disposable
  • Clear = easy to monitor fluid volume
  • 10 ml standard sizes