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EPIGLU - the tissue adhesive of your choice!

EPIGLU® - Adhesion instead of sutures or clamps!

The Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate adhesive with many advantages for the private practice, operation room, emergency room and patient care.

EPIGLU® is characterized by:

-         Easy application with disposable pipettes
-         Fast polymerization
-         Long shelf-life
-         Favorable price performance ratio
-         User-friendly packaging

Wounds treated with EPIGLU® heal faster and without infection. The patient is not disturbed by his wound treatment with EPIGLU® and can resume his daily personal hygiene.

EPIGLU®, the Ethyl-2-Cyanoacrylate adhesive for the fast end effective wound treatment. No practice, OR or emergency room should be without. 

Packaging forms:
3g re-usable vials with application aids or
Single Dose packages with 0.3 ml/cc and 0,5 ml/cc contents.

EPIGLU® for the wound treatment in all medical fields – also in dentistry.

Our tissue adhesive EPIGLU®  is an ethyl-2-cyanacrylate which is more economic than sutures. This acrylate polymerizes very quickly and closes even wound edges which are under tension. Irrespective of the length, all cuts, lacerations and surgical

incisions can be closed infection-secure with EPIGLU® .  The patient can immediately resume the daily personal hygiene (washing/showering) and is able to work or play again. For patients it is less painful because there are no stitch channels and no tensile strength. With the formation of new skin lamellae (after 6 – 10 days) EPIGLU®  detaches itself from the skin like scab. The well known institute Fresenius has testified that  EPIGLU® provides no culture medium for germs and has even an inhibitive effect on exisiting germs.