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Enhanced/Drug Affected Ready-or-Not Tot® - Light Male

The drug-enhanced manikin is BOTH a drug prevention baby and a general teen pregnancy prevention baby!

• Bendable neck feature teaches students to properly support a baby’s head.

• Choose programs A, B, or C for regular care.

• Or, select drug-enhanced program D, where… The manikin continues to cry 30 seconds longer after being tended by the student; the cry simulates the more annoying cry of a drug- or alcohol-affected baby; and the simulator requires care 31 times, instead of the standard 25, in a 48-hour period.

• Differentiate between shaken baby syndrome and other types of abuse.

• Teacher-activated Day Care Pause available when needed during the school day.

• Provide teacher with complete control of the child care experience.

• Includes a “panic” key for quieting difficulties without discontinuing the entire simulation.

• Alerts teacher if student has abused the simulator, panicked, or tampered with the control box.

• Easy-to-use teacher correction template allows for quick student evaluation.

• Newborn-size, anatomically correct doll represents the baby of a teen mom - 5 lbs. 8 oz., 20" long.

• Includes all features of the Standard and Intermediate Ready-or-Not Tots®.

Save money with this 2-in-1 manikin! Use drug education monies to purchase manikins that can be used for both types of simulations. Comes complete with 1 set of student keys, 1 set of teacher keys, reproducible parental consent form/permission slip, reproducible student response sheet, teacher correction template, diaper, 9V battery, and instructions.