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Emergency Loo (pack of five)Emergency Loo (pack of 80)
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Emergency Loo - the disposable urinal

Emergency Loo is a disposable urinal. Up to 400 ml of urine is bound in the super absorber within 2 to 3 minutes. Never before was it so easy to react to the pressure of the bladder – no matter where you are. After use Emergency Loo can be easily disposed of in the general waste.

Emergency Loo for men, women and children!

With the Emergency Loo urine and therein borne germs are bounded into a gel within 2 to 3 minutes and nothing can escape.

•    Interruption of the germ chain
•    Discreet, silent and odor inhibiting
•    Leak proof
•    Unproblematic procuration, storage and disposal
•    More mobility for the physically disabled, the sick and people in need of care
•    Increased well-being and dignity for the people concerned
•    Hygienic advantages compared to diapers and bottles

Also the economic aspect should be taken into consideration. The easy disposal in the general waste eliminates the need to use expensive cleaning chemicals for bottles and bedpans. There is also no energy consumption for high temperature cleaning. This results in the unburdening of the Waste water and also a cost-effective hygiene concept.
Besides the economic advantages with high environmental responsibility Emergency Loo offers an enhanced feel-good factor for patients and nursing staff. Full urine bottles and bedpans disappear from view. Thus Emergency Loo provides in the medical field efficiency as well as respect.

Emergency Loo for all emergencies

Emergency response teams are often on the move for long periods – whether with a helicopter or in an ambulance. Also injured people on-site and indirectly involved people can be easily taken care of in case of bladder pressure.

Disabled accessibility despite a full bladder

Especially the physically disabled achieve much more freedom due to the Emergency Loo. When permanent catheters achieve their limit, the radius of movement also ends for the relevant persons. Emergency Loo easily solves this problem.

Emergency Loo – Simply essential

What to do if you “have to” and there is no toilet nearby or the toilet is so dirty that you don’t want to go anywhere near it? In these cases Emergency Loo offers the optimal solution. It does not matter if at work (construction crane, field work, truck, etc.), hobby (hot-air balloon, glider or sports airplane, at festivals and other big events, canoeists, adventure tourism, etc.) and especially for children – whether on a long journey in the car, at the playground, on a nature trip or anything else. Being incontinent or bedridden, etc. – everything is much easier with Emergency Loo.