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Electrosurgical unit
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Electrosurgical unit

  • Owns memory function, reserves the last time used data.
  • It has neutral electrode contact inspection system, which can detect electrode contact area, and system will test and evaluate the effective contact area between electrode and derma, if the contact area was found low to a danger level, system will automatic cutout and gives alarm indication.
  • High definition large LED indication.
  • Main unit has automatic monitoring function and mistake indication function.


Power output: 400W

Six output mode:①Cut、②Blend 1、③Blend 2、④Electro Coag 1、⑤Electro Coag 2、⑥Bipolar Coagulation

Output Rating:

a) Cut:                              1W ~ 400W(Load 500Ω)

b)Blend 1:                         1W ~ 200W(Load 500Ω)

c)Blend 2:                         1W ~ 120W(Load 500Ω)

d)Electro Coag 1:              1W ~ 150W(Load 500Ω)

e)Electro Coag 2:                 1W ~ 80W(Load 500Ω)

f)Bipolar Coag.:               1W ~ 70W (Load 100Ω)


Technical Parameters:

1、Ambient temp. range: 5ºC~40 ºC;                   

2、Relative Humidity Range: ≤80;

3、Atmospheric Pressure Range: 86.0~106.0kpa;       

4、Power: 220V±22V,50Hz±1;

5、Operating Freq.: 330~460kHz;                     

6、Rated Power: 1100VA±10%;

7、Type: CF


Power Consumption: ≤1100VA (Cut function 400)
Transportation and Storage:

a)、Ambient Temp. Range: -40 ºC ~ 55 ºC;          

b)、Relative Humidity: ≤95%;

c)、Atmospheric Pressure: 500hpa ~ 1060hpa;