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Electroencephalograph–recorder "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26". Main modification
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Electroencephalograph–recorder "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26". Main modification

High technical performance and a unique option to change the configuration of portable electroencephalograph-recorder" Encephalan-EEGR-19/26" ensure its effective application in various fields of neurophysiology.

• Electroencephalograph-transformer with multichannel mapping for classic stationary use

EEG-20 or EEG-32 connectors on a special stand allow quickly transforming a portable encephalograph into a stationary electroencephalograph (with 20 or 32-channels) for classical applications in the room of neurophysiology and functional diagnostics.

Connectors make it easy to connect/disconnect autonomous patient transceiver-recorder ABP-26 and use EEG electrodes with touchproof connectors (cup or bridge) or electrode caps from the set of EEG electrodes "Encephalan-ES".

Electroencephalographs floor stand is equipped with phono-photostimulators for EEG functional tests and EP study.

• Portable electroencephalograph for long-term EEG monitoring with synchronous video-EEG monitoring in hospital ward or at home

EEG-recorder is used for short-term and continuous EEG studies – in a hospital room or at patient's home, including EEG-video monitoring for the differential diagnosis of epilepsy.

Sales package of electroencephalograph-recorder "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26", including patient transceiver-recorder, portable computer, electrodes, sensors and accessories easily fits into a small bag.

The best tool for continuous multichannel monitoring of electrical brain activity (EEG) in the emergency room and intensive care units with the help of software for neuromonitoring "Encephalan-NM" and software for cerebral functions monitoring "Encephalan-CFM". Provides comfortable visualization of various neurophysiological data and effectively complements the monitoring systems of vital parameters.

Electroencephalograph-recorder provides high noise immunity from the effects of different equipment in ER and ICU.

Convenience of the required CPR and patient care is ensured by wireless data transmission to a monitor located at a distance of 6 meters.

Cup, adhesive and needle electrodes can be used with electroencephalograph "Encephalan–EEGR–19/26".

• Autonomous EEG-recorder – continuous Holter-type EEG studies

Continuous record of electroencephalogram onto the memory card integrated into the patient transceiver-recorder ABP-26, and a special set of electrodes "Encephalan-ES" provide comfortable carrying out of autonomous EEG studies (Holter EEG) in natural patient environment, both in a hospital ward or at home, during active wakefulness and sleep.

Continuous autonomic EEG-study is recommended for:

  • Evaluation of psychogenic disorders of not defined genesis, which are manifested under conditions of natural behavior.
  • Detection of pathological manifestations (paroxysmal epileptic states, transient ischemic attacks, and others).
  • Differential diagnosis of epilepsy, especially in irregular and illdefined paroxysm.
  • Control in drugs administration.

Multiparameter record, analysis over 50 signals and parameters, and also additional software provide use of electroencephalograph as a multifunctional neuromodular diagnostic system.