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ECOBUVENN: Burette Type Infusion Set: 110 ml, 150 ml
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ECOBUVENN: Burette Type Infusion Set

ECOBUVENN: Burette Type Infusion Set

Sizes Available : 110 ml & 150 ml


ECOBUVENN Y: Burette Type Infusion Set with injection port with Y-site

Sizes Available : 110 ml & 150 ml


  • Transparent, soft, cylindrical measured volume chamber with marking scale suitable for infusion of all types of fluids. 
  • Bacteria retentive air inlet.
  • Injection port for extra medication.
  • Smooth roller- clamp for easy adjustment of flow rate.
  • Floating auto shut off valve prevents air trapping in the fluid line once the measured volume chamber is empty. It also acts as floating indicator.
  • 15 micron Fluid Filter inside drip chamber for filtration of foreign particles in the fluid.
  • Drop rate- 60 drops/ml.
  • Soft, Transparent, Kink resistant & Medical Grade PVC tube of 150 cm.
  • Tube dia : I Ø 2.8 mm. & O Ø 4.0 mm.

Options available : 

With Y injection port

With & without needle

Luer lock / rotating luer lock

With flow regulator & needle free Y injection port