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Steam Sterilization Upgrade Kit

ECOUP is a technological upgrade that entails replacing and adding the following parts.

  • Electric switchboard: Adjustment of the PLC to upgraded versions, possible replacement of
  • critical components such as PT100 converters, level regulators which, constantly exposed to the temperatures reached by the switchboard, may witness deterioration in their characteristics over time.
  • Operator Interface: Adaptation of touch screen to the new PLC and installation of remote control platform.
  • Components: Check and replacement, if needed, of components such as pressure transducers, temperature and level probes, pneumatic and solenoid valves (based on the parts replaced during the first ten years of operation). Check and replacement, if needed, of the main components of door mechanism, limit switches and electric motor (or piston). Check of safety valves and replacement, if needed, for ISPESL 10-year recall.
  • Vacuum pump: Replacement of vacuum pump with AQUAZERO pump and replacement, if needed, of other components of the hydraulic system depending on the current physical conditions, the type of water used, etc.
  • Steam Generator: Cleaning of steam generator, where present, and replacement, if needed, of electrical resistors.
  • Validations: Validation of the machine at the end of the operation.

The ECOUP kit provides the introduction of high-tech components in line with today’s environmental needs.



CISA machines are built with materials and quality steel that guarantee long service life. This helps to preserve the critical components of the autoclave and extends the life of the product well beyond the period covered by warranty.

CISA has developed the ECOUP proposal for this reason:

  • Because it is simple: Not everyone today can afford the cost of replacing an autoclave, the practical inconvenience linked to its removal/installation.
  • ECOUP makes everything much easier because it cuts the investment, as well as the technical time needed for Intervention. Everything is organised as a simple technological upgrade.
  • Because it is smart: The ECOUP kit provides the introduction of high-tech components in line with today’s environmental needs. As for the latter aspect, the renewed AQUAZERO technology will be introduced to allow vacuum generation with a special patented CISA system. This way you can benefit from significant cost savings due to reduced water consumption.
  • Because it is convenient: ECOUP intervenes only on components not covered by periodic preventative maintenance and introduces some technological components that will upgrade the machine to today’s needs. This will ensure significantly lower costs compared to the purchase of a new sterilizer.
  • With ECOUP you have all the benefits of a new autoclave without having to bear the full purchase cost.