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Drying Endoscopy Cabinet
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Drying Endoscopy Cabinet

This product is designed to dry and keep scopes sterile and safe until next usage that are being used

in the gastroenterology clinics and medical areas where endoscopy, colonoscopy and bronchoscopy operations are carried out.

Easy and rapid usage. User friendly.


Technical Characteristics of the Product

  • Stainless Steel (AISI 304 Quality) main body,
  • 7 – 9 - 11 endoscope device storage capacity simultaneously,
  • Interface that can be controlled through LCD graphical screen,
  • Digital tracking opportunity for heat, humidity and time parameters,
  • Operation order can be adjusted through time and heat options,
  • 4 ready program for frequently used values,
  • Internal temperature of cabinet can be fixed between 25ºC - 40ºC,
  • Low energy, high heat, rapid drying through PTC system drying fan,
  • 2 independent safety heat fuse in order to prevent heat increase,
  • Replaceable and washable filter located at inlet of drying fan that holds environment dust,
  • Silent and non-vibrating fan system,
  • Light (LED) and UV system synchronous with door,
  • UV system that operates throughout the most effective wave (254 NM),
  • User friendly safety systems (UV does not operate when door is open),
  • 6 mm. thick tempered glass door that prevent transmission of ultraviolet light,
  • 4 anti bacterial and filtered air discharges that dries internal channels of scope,
  • User friendly, silent operating and 360º rotating endoscope hanging system,
  • Easily removable and clearable endoscope hanging housings,
  • Bottom and middle parts adjustable suspended holding apparatuses,
  • Step located at the front side in order to provide easy access to endoscopes,
  • Two-part lockable front cover,
  • Die pressed air discharge grills for humidity discharge,
  • Drainage chamber for water accumulated under the cabinet,
  • (Lockable) four wheels for easy transportation,
  • 220 V, maximum 1,5 KW operating power,
  • Dimensions (WxLxH): 700x870x2200 mm.
  • CE and TSEK certificates and certificates of compliance.